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Service Matters.

“We are the most visible service member and the most invisible veteran. I don't think we want that anymore.”

Women are essential to the U.S. Military and always have been.

The Invisible Project

I have the deep privilege of hearing many people’s life stories, which tend to emerge or come to surface at times of transition and growth. Sometimes, I’m amazed by the amount of adversity and misfortune people have endured. But more often, I’m inspired by the strength of the human spirit, our resiliency and love for one another.

My name is Pacifica J. Sauer, I tell stories for a living, and I’m also a Navy Veteran. A few years ago, I got the opportunity to produce a series of vignettes about veterans, and began logging the narratives of all kinds of people who served in the military- men and women, all branches of service, from every era of recent history. I got what I expected, and more. What I didn’t expect was the multitude of thanks and gratitude from the women who were “getting” to tell their stories. More than once I was told how they felt invisible, struggling to overcome a multitude of misconceptions and public misunderstanding. Often they were dismissed all together, left frustrated with the lack of recognition of their service. I’ve found that many believe the only “real” military service is in combat; that a “front line” exists; and that women aren’t on it. None of these are true.

The film represents a small sample of veterans I’ve interviewed. A few have been gracious enough to let me hang out with a camera pointed at them for extended periods of time. Their words are compelling and relevant. And I hope they leave open the possibility that together, we can raise awareness and transform our culture to appreciate women’s proud tradition of service and sacrifice in the military.

It's normal for a woman to also be a veteran.

“I've been told this a lot like- "You were in the service? You don't look like a veteran.”

The community is rapidly coming together to bring more awareness to women's issues. Women veterans are too often overlooked, forgotten or feel invisible. There are roughly 2 million women veterans today, a minority within a minority. This is the time for change and recognition.

Get Inspired

The Invisible Project is intended to be a multi-platform media collection of oral histories from woman who served from any era. In the coming months, it is the plan to provide a platform for women to share their words and pictures. Please subscribe for updates and events! Thank you for visiting!

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