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We Screened in Houston for Veteran's Day

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

There were two private screenings in Houston the weekend before Veteran's Day. There was one in The Woodlands, and another in Sugar Land.

After the first cut of the documentary, about 100 local veterans and their families were invited to view the film and offer their feedback. Two events were held- one at Augusta Pines north of Houston, and another in Sugar Land. Texas Roadhouse catered the events, there were drinks, and she film was shown with a short question and answer period afterward.

What they said

“To the creators and my contributing sisters! Thank you, for shining a light on us all- WE NEED TO BE THE VOICE for the women coming after us.  Our stories of the struggling transitions from the girls we were, needs to become A thing of the past!  THANK YOU!”

Every project has it's own challenges, and this one was no different. The film began as a simple documentation of Kendra receiving her prosthetic socket at MartinBionics in Oklahoma City. Soon after, I was able to document Dorothy Stroud when she received new hearing aids. After participating in the nation-wide I Am Not Invisible Project, I knew I had something special.

Women veterans from all eras for Vet Connect Day at Combined Arms in Houston.

The Interaction was Extraordinary

The documentary is entering it's second year of production. The most exciting part of the film being complete is the opportunity to expand our reach and create a digital platform for other women to tell their stories. Time is a major constraint is most productions- there is only so much time in a given piece to use. By expanding the platform, we are able to accommodate more stories, broadening the experience for everyone involved. It's truly an exciting time to be working with women veterans.

The response was stunning

“ Mom was a Womens Air Force Service Pilot WWII (WASP)--38 died in the course of duty. No military benefits and they passed the hat to send the body home to the parents. Not only were they denied the promised military status but when women were kept out of military plane cockpits for the next 30 years: forgotten and ignored. Thank you for bringing this all to light... and thank you for your service!”

Veterans who attended the Sugar Land screening with WWII Veteran, Dorothy Stroud.

Get Inspired

We are planning some additional screenings in the Houston area in mid-January 2020. In addition, we are launching a women's group within Combined Arms for Veterans. Stay posted and stay informed! Go to CombinedArms.US and register, or sign up for or updates below. We will see you there!

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