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Their Stories


Dorothy Stroud - WW2/Korea Veteran

Dorthy enlisted with the Women's Army Corps when she was 21 years old.  She was in the "Air Force" part of the Army and volunteered for service in Europe during the epic Battle of the Bulge.  Later, she also served in Okinawa and Japan.

Dorothy Stroud

Romaine Barnett - Gulf War Veteran

Romaine joined the Navy to create opportunities for herself and new baby.  She spent 11 years, serving first in aviation, and later on a submarine tender as a general seaman.  The experiences she endured early in her service would shape her life for years to come.


Rebecca Curry - Vietnam Era Veteran

Rebecca volunteered to go to Vietnam, but she lacked the education to complete the requirements to go overseas as a woman.  After becoming pregnant, she was discharged from the military, and suffered single motherhood, bouts with poor mental health and homelessness.


Dr. Rhonda Dula - Vietnam/Gulf War Veteran

Dr. Rhonda Dula volunteered to go to Vietnam from UCLA, where she was a top student and athlete.  Her experience their changed her career, her life, and ultimately, her sense of self and accomplishment.


Kendra Lou Garza - Afghanistan Veteran

In 2010, Airborne MP Sgt. Kendra Lou Garza was on patrol with her until when she stepped on an IED in Afghanistan.  She lost her left leg above the knee and struggled with the adversities of drug addiction and stigma as she navigated her return to the civilian world.

Kendra 8 x 10.jpg

Interviews from the project

See the interviews of many women veterans in the Texas region.  They are all ages and come from every walk of life with challenges unimaginable to overcome

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